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Capitol Hill Community Services (CHCS) is a group of dedicated Board Members, Officers, Cooks, Staff & Volunteers that all have one common mission ---  "To serve hot nutritious meals to people that are hungry".  We do not discriminate, and we do not judge. If you are hungry, you are welcome.  No questions asked.  Over 91%t of every dollar that is donated to CHCS is used for program services.  The balance is used for Management & General Expenses.  When you donate to CHCS, you can be assured that each dollar will feed someone that is hungry.  Each $100 donated will provide a hot nutritious meal to 27 people.  Make a difference .  Donate today.

JLove - Volunteer Award 2023.jpg

John Love (right), Executive Director of Capitol Hill Community Services, received a "30-Year Volunteer Award" from the Denver Museum of Nature & Science in March 2023.  Pictured with John is George Sparks, President of the Museum.

John Love has been the heart and soul of Capitol Hill Community Services for 30+ years. His calm manner and humble passion have been an inspiration to everyone fortunate to work with him. To paraphrase one of our clients, "I don't know what Capitol Hill would do without John Love." 

Phil Barber,

Chairman of the Board

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