Meet the people we serve.

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Capitol Hill Community Services serves the homeless and poor in Central and NE Denver. There are several reasons why we continue to see folks at our three sites. The common factor is poverty, but the root causes may include unemployment, medical or mental issues, substance abuse, lack of family support and divorce.

Each year the Metro Denver Homeless Initiative conducts a Point In Time survey. The 2019 data showed there were 3,943 homeless persons in Denver County alone. We serve a larger population of people who have minimal shelter and fall outside the parameters of the survey. These individuals cannot afford both food and rent.

We provide hot, nutritious meals to keep the indigent healthy in their struggle to turn things around. Capitol Hill Community Services serves free meals so that people do not have to choose between food and basic human needs such as medicine and shelter. Some who live on the streets may never return to a self-sufficient life and, for them, our mission is humanitarian.


During the last 12 months, we served about 40,000 hot, nutritious meals to those who really needed them.

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